Matt said: Quantum-Theory is a rather complicated matter of which I knew next to Quantum by Manjit Kumar Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra. In his lively new book, “Quantum,” the science writer Manjit Kumar cites a poll about the interpretation of quantum mechanics, taken among. Manjit Kumar’s Quantum is a super-collider of a book, shaking together an exotic cocktail of free-thinking physicists, tracing their chaotic.

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If you are interested in a mystical or religious interpretation of quantum theory, this is not the book. It has been a wonderful journey.

Where they disagreed was in whether or not it was complete. But this book is something just different, wonderfuLly different. So reality is a kind of mischievous oracle, answering only when directly questioned.

And yet for many years it was equally baffling for scientists themselves. If you have little to no familiarity with quantum physics, this might be a tough one for you. It started with German physicists trying to make a better light bulb, and ended with the collapse of classical physics if only at the subatomic level. Physicist Roger Penrose and many others believe that quantum physics is an incomplete theory 2.

The act of measurement affects the system, causing the set of probabilities to reduce to only one of the possible values immediately after the measurement. In England, Cambridge student P. This shows that not everything is settled in quantum physics.

The mischievous oracle

It became clear over time that the assumptions of classical physics were not valid at the subatomic lev This is a good recounting of the historical development of quantum physics. As Heisenberg showed, it was impossible to estimate kymar position and momenta with perfect precision, not because of the limits of our knowledge or the imprecision of the measuring devices used, but because this uncertainty or indeterminacy were inherent characteristics of phenomena at a subatomic scale.

This stated that quantum mechanics could not determine both the position and momentum of a particle, specifically an electron. This book specifically focuses on the metaphysical debates between Einstein and Bohr and the fundamental implications it has for the nature of reality itself.


For 60 years most physicists believed that quantum kuumar denied the manjig existence of reality itself. It was there even when nobody was looking.

Quantum: Einstein, Bohr and the Great Debate About the Nature of Reality

It mqnjit out that Heisenberg, who won the Nobel prize for the creation of “matrix mechanics” didn’t understand matrices, that Bohr, the champion of the quanta, strangely refused to accept that light too was quantized, that Schrodinger failed to understand his own wave equation, and so on He was taken very seriously at the time, as Kumar’s thrilling narrative of a series of epic thought-experiment battles between Einstein and Bohr shows.

Manjit Kumar takes a very complicated topic, manjjt mechanics and breaks down into understandable language. Infinding time after his ground shattering theory of general relativity was announced inEinstein theorized that spontaneous emission occurred when an electron jumped to a lower energy orbit. Deterministic philosophy was spurred by Newtonian mechanics; if we know a system and its physical properties size, color, or quantjm at one point in time, then at some point in future we can predict the system based on these manjti properties.

The exclusion principle stated that no two electrons in an atom could have the same set of quantum numbers thus limiting the number of electrons.

He has a great ability to write. It took me about a hundred pages to get properly involved, but after that I was hooked. Bohr would parry and nothing would be resolved. But in quatum matter of fact style, the book fails to convey the majesty of the subject, or to explain with sufficient energy the fascination it holds even for intelligent laymen. Yes, by a book on quantum theory. Quantum oumar is the spookiest theoretical framework ever devised by man.

Quantum (book) – Wikipedia

Manjit Kumar achieves this objective admirably. Manjit Kumae book is an exhaustive and brilliant account of decades of emotionally charged discovery and argument, friendship and rivalry spanning two world wars. See 1 question about Quantum…. And an electron doesn’t have a definite position in space before you choose to measure it: Kumar really helps make sense of it.


That is an electron has spin, location and so forth even quantm it is not being measured. The popular misconception of his role was in part Einstein’s own fault, as he liked to repeat his slogan “God does not play dice” at every wuantum — yet, as Kumar demonstrates, his real objection was not to the probabilistic or statistical interpretation of quantum mechanics, but to its radical denial of an independent reality.

Not an easy subject but the author manages to make it accessible for non-scientist, and he kept the mathematicas at a minimum. He tells a story so engrossing and so detailed that I felt surprisingly moved towards the end. Preview — Quantum by Manjit Kumar.

Both Einstein and Bohr agreed that quantum mechanics was correct. In John Stewart Bell put forth a theorem to test janjit any local hidden variables could be used to explain the behavior of the entangled particles in the EPR thought experiment.

This quantum spin had two states, up or down, doubling the number of allowable electrons. He also provides what I’ve found to be kimar best and most coherent account of the history of the development of quantum theory that I’ve read, managing, at the same time, to bring alive many of the key physicists and mathematicians involved, and not just Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein who are in the book’s title.

To ask other readers questions about Quantumplease sign up. Jul 25, Ami Iida rated it really liked it Shelves: I listened to the audiobook ca. The debate would dominate the minds of Bohr and Einstein kumxr the ensuing years. Bohr’s “Copenhagen interpretation”, which became orthodoxy for most of the century, still has the power to shock.

This thought is mystified by what is commonly called Copenhagen interpretation, and its strong proponents were Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, and Max Born.

Bohr died in at

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