The Manticore (Deptford Trilogy) [Robertson Davies, Michael Dirda] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hailed by the Washington Post Book. The Manticore [Robertson Davies] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. Hailed by the Washington Post Book World as ‘a modern classic,’ Robertson Davies’s acclaimed Deptford Trilogy is a glittering, fantastical, cunningly contrived .

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Partly an exploration of the psychology of Jung a The Manticore begins by betraying us.

The Manticore Reader’s Guide

To what extent is this therapeutic process successful for David? Although the Red Book will still haunt me. David’s encounter with his Shadow, both internally and externally as projected onto Maitland Quelch, is dealt with very briefly in the narrative. In this exposition the ambivalence becomes robegtson marked. For Liesl herself the bear-cult cave is obviously a numinous place: But it was a fascinating story because a majority of it is the detailed Jungian analysis of one character.

Sep 27, Ammar rated it really liked it. Freud, monumentally hipped on sex for which he personally had little use and almost ignorant of Nature: This, together with his use of the term “a rational man” to indicate his manicore of the cultural norm, indicates that his superior function is “thinking,” which Dr.

Davies is quite skilled at unsentimental, complex characterization, and this is mannticore novel almost entirely of characterization, lacking as it does the plot focus of its predecessor. Liesl brings into David’s life all those elements which Dr.

Other books in the series. It is often a pleasure of serial works to be able to see the same characters and situations detailed in another work from a different perspective and that pleasure is on full display here.

The second of Davies’s Deptford trilogy picks up more or less at the end of Fifth Business but shifts focus to David Staunton, who narrates his own life story across most of the volume, as he undergoes Jungian psychoanalysis. Those terms are also descriptive of David himself, but a story with that perspective offers less appeal to me as a reader.

As the demonic counterpart of Dr. David Staunton is a difficult main character and readers may find him cold and reserved, but in Davies, deft and crafty hands, he has created another sharp and inventive narrative.


However, the Manticore has another function in the novel besides its symbolism. At the end of the novel, Liesl takes David into a cave, and getting back out proves to be a terrifying experience.

It was interesting to see Rbertson perspective on His father and the way he influenced his life as well as the other characters previously introduced in the first novel. A manticore is a monster, face of a man, msnticore of a lion and a scorpian tail. Understanding this basic principle makes life interesting as well as bearable. David realizes what has happened to him. One of the objects of David’s analysis is to understand the operation of the functions in his personality. He has yet to take the journey – but will after Liesl has tobertson him up out of his habits as a thinker.

Jan 07, Priscilla rated it liked it.

David is also no Dunstan Ramsay. First, it places the symbol in the realm of the feminine in David’s psyche, which is a curious situation in view of the fact that it is in the feminine realm that David’s weakness lies; although his life has been rich in Anima-figures, as Dr. The last inset which leaves David Staunton still uncommitted and which has also featured some startling circumstantialities suggests that this account may be resumed, if only to determine whether David will continue to live only the half life of the mind esse in lntellectu solo.

It was really one long psychoanalysis session. Just as, in Ramsay’s view, history consists of repeating patterns of myth, each person’s life consists of repeating patterns of archetypes, as we project these archetypes onto our new acquaintances. She is disappointed at his failure to respond because he doesn’t “feel enough to respond” p.

Those readers not familiar with the first book in the trilogy will be surprised by the change of atmosphere and style. Also posted at Shelf Inflicted It is not, however, a typical analysis, for no Jungian analysis can be typical:. The true hero-journey is taken alone, and the men who made these systems were heroes themselves in the true sense because they went alone: He breaks off from his story at the point where he is talking about his Cruikshank grandparents, and this interruption is followed by a concise but nonspecific report of what Dr.


The Manticore – Wikipedia

Staunton’s father In this follow-up to “Fifth Business,” the main character, David Staunton, tells his therapist: My main complaint is its rather inconclusive ending though the scene in the bear cave provides a very substantial crescendo finale of sorts.

My Reviews of the Deptford Trilogy: Perhaps that is what inspired me to pick up this series again at this time of year.

Part of the analyst’s role, as she has already indicated to him, is to accept his projections and to play the parts assigned until robbertson can understand the situation and recover the projection: The more we reject their presence, the more power they exert. The Manticore is the dominant symbol of this section of the narrative. Sep 29, Jackie “the Librarian” rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: There was a problem adding your email address.

I did not lose consciousness” p.

The Manticore

May 30, Joel Fishbane rated it it was ok. Second, the Anima is the Ego’s guide to the unconscious which lies beyond her, the transpersonal or collective unconscious, for, according to Jung, the Anima is both “the ligamentum corporis et spiritus” 8 and “the personification of the collective unconscious.

It was from their self-knowledge they spoke. His novels are now timeless classics studied in university and college literature courses across the world.

While it’s not necessary for you to have read Fifth Business to read The ManticoreI don’t see why you would skip the first book. If the analyst is not going to be a character, then they have no business standing at centre stage. I had not heard of the Canadian writer, Robertson Davies, nor the Deptford Trilogy, of which this is a part. For the final irony is that the ambivalence about the Jungian “formula” is, as Jung’s own words in a letter to J.

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