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Results of the comparison between goniometriia groups for each angle and for each method. ICC and standard deviation values for the intraexaminer angular measurements obtained for each method 1 goniometry2 Corel Draw manul3 ALCimagem photogrammetry in each group 1 scholars2 physiotherapists3 hand therapists and mean ICC of each method for each group.

Journal List Acta Ortop Bras v. Results of the intraexaminer reliability analysis for each method.

The measurements were performed using a plaster-strengthened hand mold, taken by the three groups divided according to the level of education. Comparison between the methods 1 goniometry2 Corel Draw photogrammetry and 3 ALCimagem photogrammetry in angle 2 flexion of the proximal interphalangeal of the second finger for group 1 scholars.

Hence the examiners were unaware of the angle that the researcher had recorded for all the results using this method, and this procedure also served to prevent the examiners from being influenced by the results of the method evaluated previously.

Furthermore, during the evaluation with the ALCimagem software, the volunteers did not have access to the result to enable manial to also conduct an evaluation comparing the two photogrammetry methods.

Manual de goniometria – Amélia Pasqual Marques – Google Books

Age and gender related normal motion gonipmetria the cervical spine. There was excellent inter and intraexaminer reliability. Predictors of neck pain: Support Center Support Center.

In relation to the proposed objectives, we concluded that: Procedures After the initial clarifications and agreement, all the participants became familiar with the goniommetria and began the collections according to the scheduled collection dates. Table 16 Comparison between the groups 1 scholars2 physiotherapists3 goniometrai therapists in angle 1 palmar abduction of the thumb for method 1 goniometry.

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Dessa forma, o examinador 1 realizou a fleximetria e examinador 2 realizou a goniometria.

Neck pain in adolescence. The prevalence of neck pain and related disability in Saskatchewan adults. Note that there is still scarce literature on the association of photogrammetry and goniometry in hand measurements.

Analysis of the reliability and reproducibility of goniometry compared to hand photogrammetry

The fact that the study subject was made of wax, despite having been molded on a human hand, imposed some limitations in the study and may have proved a hindrance to some volunteers in the handling and positioning of the goniometer as well as in the evaluation of the photos, which on the other hand, allowed the standardization of the angular measures.

Angle 1 Method 1 Group 1 Mean Table 14 Comparison between the methods 1 goniometry2 Corel Draw photogrammetry3 ALCimagem photogrammetry in angle 3 flexion of the metacarpophalangeal of the fifth finger for group 2 physiotherapists. Some studies opted for active ROMs, as they claim that these better represent function and are more reliable than passive movements; passive measurements are less reliable than active measurements, due to the variation of force applied by the therapist.

Anamaria Siriani de Oliveira Avenida Bandeirantes, 3. Methods and results] Chir Main. Results of the intraexaminer reliability analysis – specific data. Some reports stressed the patient’s comfort and listed factors that influenced the results of the measurement of the joint range of motion. The first measurement in the mold was abduction of the thumb, where the alignment of the goniometer follows steps 1 centralize the goniometer axis on the lateral surface of the radial styloid process, 2 align the proximal arm with the lateral midline of the second metacarpal, using the center of the second MCP joint as a reference and 3 align the distal arm of the goniometer with the lateral midline of the first metacarpal, using the center of the first MCP joint as a reference.


The ALCimagem software Figure 4 is a mathematical algorithm that transforms image points into axes of Cartesian coordinates. Angle 2 Method 3 Group 1 Mean Br J Hand Ther. These references were also used by Iunes in in his study that analyzed inter and intraexaminer reliability in postural evaluation using computed photogrammetry.

Angle 1 Method 2 Group 1 Mean In this kind of evaluation, photographs are taken of the body segment to be evaluated with demarcations in pertinent anatomical reference points. In drawing the angles on the computer screen, a box would appear separate from the photo, whose researcher prevented visualization by the volunteer by means of a sheet of wood paper, and was the only one to have access, recording the measurements.

However, due to the lack of similar references, detailed studies are needed to define the normal parameters between the methods in the joints of the hand. Comparison between the methods 1 goniometry2 Corel Draw photogrammetry and 3 ALCimagem photogrammetry in angle 1 palmar abduction of the thumb for group 1 scholars. Table 2 Table 2 ICC values for the interexaminer angular measurements obtained for each angle: Recalibration improves inter-examiner reliability of TMD examination.

Results of the interexaminer reliability analysis for each method The analysis of the ICC values for each method in all the situations is shown in Table 3where they were classified as presenting excellent reliability. A reliability study of the universal goniometer, fluid goniometer, and electrogoniometer for the measurement of ankle dorsiflexion.

Angle of palmar abduction of thumb, using CorelDraw X3 software.

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