Electrical Science 1 (traduzione in inglese del programma di Elettrotecnica – I modulo) M. Guarnieri, A. Stella: “Principi ed Applicazioni di Elettrotecnica”, Vol. Electrical Science (traduzione in inglese del programma di Elettrotecnica) – cdl in M. Guarnieri, A. Stella: “Principi ed Applicazioni di Elettrotecnica”, Vol. 1°, Ed. PROGETTO LEONARDO Società Editrice Esculapio s.r.l, Cerca nel catalogo; M. Guarnieri, A. Stella, Principi e applicazioni di elettrotecnica vol Padova.

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Magnetic properties of materials. The course provides basic notions of electromagnetics from the conductive current field, to electrostatic field and electromagnetic field.

Electrical Science (the English translation of “Elettrotecnica”)

First cycle degree courses. Planned learning activities and teaching methods:. Information on the course unit. Stella, Principi e applicazioni di elettrotecnica vol. RC and RL networks. Knowledge of the topics developed in the courses of Mathematics and Physics that are included in the Syllabus and that are given before this course.


Department of Industrial Engineering. Capacitors of relevant geometry. Single cycle degree courses. Principles of electromechanical conversion. The course provides the electromagnetism basis of the electro-technical applications. Applicazionii course presents the methods to analyze linear networks in DC and steady-state AC conditions for single phase and three phase. Teaching and learning strategies.

AC Network methods of analysis. AC resonance of R-L-C bipoles in series and in parallel. Forces in the magnetic field. Software or applications used.

Educational offer – University of Padova

Electrostatics, governing equations, material properties, capacitance and capacitors, energy of the electrostatic field. Self and mutual induction coefficients, ideal transformer. Target skills and knowledge: Measurements in three phases networks, Aron insertion. Conduction current field, governing equations, material properties, power dissipated in the materials, examples of resistances and applications.

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Linear DC networks main analysis methods. Energy in the magnetic field. All the didactic material is available on the web page based on Moodle platform available from this site: Lecturing Problem based learning Problem solving. The materials for the home study is based on the slides presented during the lessons and further material for an in depth examination could be retrieved from the references at the end of the sildes for each topic.


Additional notes about suggested reading: Planned learning activities and teaching methods: Textbooks and optional supplementary readings. Traditional Lessons of theory followed by lessons including application through exercises.

Linear electric networks in DC conditions. Moodle files, quizzes, workshops, Written examination including three exercises plus face to face examination Assessment criteria:

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